Saturday, January 27, 2018

Open 10am - 6pm
  • Teacher Program

    Globetrotting with Walt

    January 27th | 10am

    Take a tour of the core galleries with a focus on Walt’s travels to locations around the globe. Geography and history come to the fore as inspiration for future cross-disciplinary investigations.

  • Industry Paths

    Industry Paths: Freelance Artist

    January 27th | 1:30pm

    Over the years, countless artists and animators have moved from contracted employment to freelance work. For example, Disney Legend Glen Keane worked on several Disney films such as The Rescuers

  • Film

    Peter Pan

    January 27th | 4pm

    Take off with the Darling children on a fun-filled, high-flying adventure to Never Land with the boy who never grows up. Learn what it takes to fly like Peter Pan, how to defeat the meanest pirate of…

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Schedule subject to change. Please check calendar or ticket desk on the day of your visit for most current schedule.